Marching into April if We May

Dang....this is a CRAZY month

between LO shows and RNT shows we had 12- 14 shows on the books! that's B.U.S.Y y'all!

Thanks to all that made it out! we dig you the most!

Hope to see all of you at the Conroe Americana Festival weekend of May 5-7th!

we play on the 6th and between you and me? its a HELL of a day. honored.

see you soon Outfitters!

Yippee Ki ya Ha!



LO is still recovering from all things Super Bowl 2017!

It was an honor and surreal as all get out!

We quickly got on our "not really a hobby anymore " horse and headed up to New Braunfels for Troutfest 2017

4 shows in 3 days ok....3.1 shows but it was a BLAST!

We are heading to Washington County for the next 2 Weekends and are looking forward to seeing all y'all out and about!

R,A, N


Super Bowl Live
Houston Press

Houston Chronicle
See ya '16 Hello '17!

Well well well my pretty little Outfitters!

Get you a new LO sticker for Xmas? no?

well....we got em. Shirts too.

Thanks so much for all your support!

WE will see YOU soon!

we got a TON of shows for 2017 and you can BE THERE!

A, N, R



We are gearing up for a decent little ride folks!

Saturday we are back at The Corner Pub in Conroe

Tuesday the 8th ( seems like a date I should remember for some reason....)

we are playing our 2nd Tuesday Gig at La Carafe

and then on 11/12/16 we are gonna be back at The Firehouse Saloon with our new best buddy we aint never met Zane Williams!


Seems like all y'all outfitters have a pretty full dance card if'n you wanna!

See ya between the ditches



This Week in Little Outfit!

We are all OVER Houston this week with shows at:

Tuesday 10/11/16

La Carafe

811 Congress



Cash Bar

 Saturday 10/15/16


Sam Houston Racepark


2016 Ziegenbock band list.png




Central Market Patio



Hope to see all y'all


NEW T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!

A Duece.... and then Some

LO is back after just about 2 months of in vacay land and we are back BIG!

2 shows this weekend and two shows next week to boot!

Under The Radar Brewery 8.27.16


Central Market Patio Music Series 08.28.16


Nightingale Room 09.01.16

w/ The New Offenders

Just a big ol KILLER band

Corner Pub Conroe 09.02.16


We love it here.

We are working hard on new merch and some copies of our EP so be ready to buy it all!

Thanks Outfitters!




May I Please?

LO is Kicking ASS in May!

We are gonna be playing all over the dang ol' state with shows in:

The Heights



Central Market Houston

Lake Jackson


We are working on new t-shirts and we should have a new stock of CD's ASAP!

See all y'all out there!

Amie, Nathan and Randy


Sam's Bday Bash 4/23/2013

The last band up for the evening, and arguably giving the best performance, was Little Outfit, which featured Randy Hill and Nathan Taylor from the Dragliners on guitars backing up vocalist Amie Krebbs.

They covered “Sin City” and the Band of Heathens “Hurricane” (a song that seemed appropriate for the day). Amie’s delivery on “You Wanna Know Why” drove the lyrics home like a stake to the heart. They’ll be playing the Firehouse Saloon on June 6th if you’d like to mark your calendars.

All in all, everyone had a great time in spite of the weather, helping Sam to celebrate his thirty-fourth birthday. He might be feeling a little older these days, watching the kids grow up and feeling the extra weight of responsibility, but the good news is, as we older folks know, you get to hit reset at 50 and start the fun all over again.

[Read More...]

We have rested up and played are asses off too!

LO is back in the saddle and working on new songs and playing all over HELL!

We had a GREAT time at Bohemeo's last night and are playing two shows back to back next weekend!

check the schedule and make plans now!

love ya!