Little Ain't Little no More

Greetings Outfitters!

We have been SLUGGING it out in 2018 and we are VERY excited to announce that we are GROWING!

Little Outfit is now a 5 piece rock n' roll band!


Alex McCall ( Drums)

Sean Ramos ( Bass)

We have played about 4 shows with the new lineup and it sounds AMAZING.

we have some great shows coming up for our 5 piece and our Acoustic Trio

Stay Tuned!

Summer. it turns me upside Down

Hey Outfitters!

We are getting ready to take a little break so Amie and I can head up to CO and get my parents settled in for the summer.

Nathan will be doing a solo show next Sunday 6.3.18 at Truck Yard Houston and then we will be BACK in the Saddle after we get back from CO.

We are back in La Grange at The Bugle Boy 6.16.18

 after two GREAT shows in 2017. we are STOKED to be back!

We are heading out to San Antonio to wrap up the Rebecca Creek Distillery Summer Concert Series on July 21st and it appears that July will also be STUDIO MONTH for Little Outfit!

Look for new music in late 2018/early 2019!

see all y'all out there!


2018 Little Outfit Hello!

Just touching base with all y'all!

We performed once again ( 4th year) at GRTU Troutfest in New Braunfels and had a blast and made a bunch of new fans and friends!

We are booking show WELL into fall of 2018 and are adding new venues throughout TX all the time so watch out for us in:

Kemah, Conroe, Magnolia,Gruene, Taylor, Tomball and all over hell!

We are working on some new merch as well so you can bring it proper when 

you are reppin' the LO!

We are ALSO working on a bimontly show at Danelectro's Guitar Bar clevery titled " Little Outfit Presents or maybe " An Evening w/ Little Outfit and Friends" 

REGARDLESS. its gonna be a hoot.

So there ya go.

Catch us ALWAYS on 2nd Tuesdays at La Carafe and I'll try like hell to keep this dang ol page caught up!





Due to a circumstances beyond Little Outfits Control we will NOT be able to perform at The Firehouse Saloon tonight.
We apopologize to all our fans/ Firehouse Saloon and
Charlie Harrison And the Regrets
Do go see Charlie and The Regrets tonight!
Downbeat is at 9pm!

Marching into April if We May

Dang....this is a CRAZY month

between LO shows and RNT shows we had 12- 14 shows on the books! that's B.U.S.Y y'all!

Thanks to all that made it out! we dig you the most!

Hope to see all of you at the Conroe Americana Festival weekend of May 5-7th!

we play on the 6th and between you and me? its a HELL of a day. honored.

see you soon Outfitters!

Yippee Ki ya Ha!



LO is still recovering from all things Super Bowl 2017!

It was an honor and surreal as all get out!

We quickly got on our "not really a hobby anymore " horse and headed up to New Braunfels for Troutfest 2017

4 shows in 3 days ok....3.1 shows but it was a BLAST!

We are heading to Washington County for the next 2 Weekends and are looking forward to seeing all y'all out and about!

R,A, N


Super Bowl Live
Houston Press

Houston Chronicle
See ya '16 Hello '17!

Well well well my pretty little Outfitters!

Get you a new LO sticker for Xmas? no?

well....we got em. Shirts too.

Thanks so much for all your support!

WE will see YOU soon!

we got a TON of shows for 2017 and you can BE THERE!

A, N, R



We are gearing up for a decent little ride folks!

Saturday we are back at The Corner Pub in Conroe

Tuesday the 8th ( seems like a date I should remember for some reason....)

we are playing our 2nd Tuesday Gig at La Carafe

and then on 11/12/16 we are gonna be back at The Firehouse Saloon with our new best buddy we aint never met Zane Williams!


Seems like all y'all outfitters have a pretty full dance card if'n you wanna!

See ya between the ditches



This Week in Little Outfit!

We are all OVER Houston this week with shows at:

Tuesday 10/11/16

La Carafe

811 Congress



Cash Bar

 Saturday 10/15/16


Sam Houston Racepark


2016 Ziegenbock band list.png




Central Market Patio



Hope to see all y'all


NEW T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!

A Duece.... and then Some

LO is back after just about 2 months of in vacay land and we are back BIG!

2 shows this weekend and two shows next week to boot!

Under The Radar Brewery 8.27.16


Central Market Patio Music Series 08.28.16


Nightingale Room 09.01.16

w/ The New Offenders

Just a big ol KILLER band

Corner Pub Conroe 09.02.16


We love it here.

We are working hard on new merch and some copies of our EP so be ready to buy it all!

Thanks Outfitters!




May I Please?

LO is Kicking ASS in May!

We are gonna be playing all over the dang ol' state with shows in:

The Heights



Central Market Houston

Lake Jackson


We are working on new t-shirts and we should have a new stock of CD's ASAP!

See all y'all out there!

Amie, Nathan and Randy



We have rested up and played are asses off too!

LO is back in the saddle and working on new songs and playing all over HELL!

We had a GREAT time at Bohemeo's last night and are playing two shows back to back next weekend!

check the schedule and make plans now!

love ya!


Little Outfit Summer Tour 2015

Tour? what tour?

yeah well... 3 shows in 3 towns in 3 days? that sir is a TOUR.

We are playing this weekend at:

7/31 Central Market



8/1 Lone Pint Brewery



8/2 Twisted X Brewery


(Dripping Springs)

Hope to see all y'all at all these!




Greetings from the mighty LO!

we had a GREAT night last night at La Carafe and are looking forward to our July 14th show!

We'll be heading out west to Katy, TX  Saturday for our annual visit to No Label Brewery!

We'll be hitting the No Label Stage about Noon so c'mon out!

Then on Sunday we'll be making up our rainout date at Central Market

playing the Patio for the  Beers Across America Event

with our friends from Lone Pint Brewery

 as a featured brewery!

Gonna be a great weekend!

see y'all



The Mud The Blood and The Beer


Greetings from Amie, Nathan and Randy


We are headed back to the City of Enchantment tonight for our

Monthly gig at The Wursthaus!

Show starts at 830pm


INCREDIBLE Draft Beer Wall

GREAT food

It's the Best Wurst.

Next week we are back in Conroe at the Mighty

Corner Pub


For one of our big ol' Electric Shows!

showtime is 9pm

THEN we are headed back up to the Hill Country on


for another fun Afternoon at Twisted X Brewery!


gonna be a fun way to wrap up spring and head into





Firehouse Saloon


Little Outfit

Live at The Firehouse Saloon!

We are proud to be making our return to the Firehouse

this times as the Featured Music Artis on

Drink of Ages!

Jon and the gang will be asking all the questions and telling all the lies

and we'll be there to catch them in the act!

We'll take the main stage about 930pm and be killing it for about an hour!

Don't forget the DOA craft beer wall will be serving up CRAZY good local and craft beers!


we are packing it up and heading on up to Magnolia TX.

And playing an intimate " unplugged" set at one of favorites

The GenuWine Tasting Room!

We'll hit the Fuller's Vintage Guitar Stage

about 730pm

c'mon out! 

No Cover but tip like hell!


We are back downtown at La Carafe!


Thanks Outfitters for supporting all we do and everywhere we do it!




The Dirty River Boys


We are starting to keep pretty good compay....


Tonight and Further Along!


We are heading out in just a bit to play our last of our 3 show run at

The Wursthaus in LJ!

But.....Hold on to your sock..

We Signed on for Shows in May, July, August, September, October, November and December!

How Bout that!

 Thanks so Much Lake Jackson for Supporting LO!

Next Week we are in Beaumont, TX @

the Mighty Courville's!

We'll be kicking off the evening for the

Dirty River Boys!

Going to be a great night of music and


Thanks Ya'll!

A, N, R


Little Outfit Plays Music


Thanks for coming out to our show last night at La Carafe! it was the 1st show of our monthly residency at La Carafe and it was a BLAST!

We are playing a a couple more shows this week

Starting Friday 3.13.15

We are playing where Amie does her day night!

Then we head on up to Conroe, TX to Play a full bang 'lectric show at The Corner Pub!

Gonna be a great weekend and hope all y'all and tens of your friends can come out!

We'll have new swag in the form of KOOZIES!!!!

and start planning your big fat Happy Hour Plans for next week at Karbach Brewery!

Thursday 3.19.15 6-8pm!

Thanks for everything y'all we dig ya the most!


Hill Country Bound!


We are proud as peas in a pod  to be returning to Troutfest 2015 as  musical guests!

We will be playing shows Friday night the 20th  after Dinner and before the Auction and also

A Mid Afternoon jam on Saturday the 21st followed by a concert just before the Movie Premiere!

Then on SUNDAY  02.22.15

we are returning to Twisted X Brewery!

We are playing an intimate totally acoustic show from 2-4pm!

Hope all y'all and tens of your friends can make it!


This Week and Further Along


We had a great week of music starting with a FULL HOUSE at La Carafe! not hard to do mind you but it was a great show and we had a blast!

We closed out the week with a SRO show at Bohemeo's! We love Love LOVE playing there and are back there at the end of March!

Please bear with us as we get the new site up and running and get some music up for y'all to dig!

We are playing just one show this week at Walters 2.13.15

Kicking off the Houston Music Showcase at 9pm sharp!

check out all the shows coming up and we may have a VERY special announcement coming up about a show at The Firehouse Saloon w/ Drink Of Ages!

Thanks for all your support!


Little Outfit 2015

Greetings Outfitters!
Thanks to all y'all for a GREAT 2014!
We booked well over 50+ shows last year and are already on track for 70-100 shows for 2015!
We are getting ready for some special shows coming up, including a visit to Lake Jackson, TX which I've called home since '68 to play a full electric show at the Wursthaus!!/events/517391928403765/
We are also returning to several of our favorite haunts in February including La Carafe and Bohemeo's
and are VERY proud to announce that we are supporting The Dirty River Boys in April at Courville's in Beaumont!
Hope to see you and tens of your friends out our shows!
Thanks again for everything

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