Conroe Americana Festival
I left Uncle Lucius pumped and inspired, but also seeking a bit of air conditioning at Martin’s for Little Outfit. This afternoon the LED’s were blue. Little Outfit is Nathan Taylor, Amie Krebbs and Randy Hill that came out of The Front Porch Society that used to have a regular gig at McGonagall’s Mucky Duck on the patio on Friday nights. They play a bare bones folk/blues style and cover songs from various artists as well as performing original compositions. They started off the set with Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” and led into original composition, “Cutting Hair”. Amie’s voice is full and soulful. Randy displayed a strong vocal talent on a cover of Guy Clark’s “Dublin Blues” with Nathan throwing in some great lead guitar licks. Nathan Taylor provided a great folksy vocal for his original, “Flatlands”. The band covered Matt Harlan’s (also a former member of The Front Porch Society) “Dresses”, Patty Griffith’s “Long ride Home” and Warren Haynes’ soulful “Soulshine”. They continued in kind, covering Jason Isbell’s “Go it Alone” and “Hurricane”, originally recorded by Levon Helm, as well as what they consider their first Little Outfit song, “Good Morning Captain”. [Read More...]
Sam's Bday Bash 4/23/2013

The last band up for the evening, and arguably giving the best performance, was Little Outfit, which featured Randy Hill and Nathan Taylor from the Dragliners on guitars backing up vocalist Amie Krebbs.

They covered “Sin City” and the Band of Heathens “Hurricane” (a song that seemed appropriate for the day). Amie’s delivery on “You Wanna Know Why” drove the lyrics home like a stake to the heart. They’ll be playing the Firehouse Saloon on June 6th if you’d like to mark your calendars.

All in all, everyone had a great time in spite of the weather, helping Sam to celebrate his thirty-fourth birthday. He might be feeling a little older these days, watching the kids grow up and feeling the extra weight of responsibility, but the good news is, as we older folks know, you get to hit reset at 50 and start the fun all over again.

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An Evening with Little Outfit

“The week ended with some musical friends of the Band of Heathens; the Little Outfit out of Houston, Texas. Amie is an excellent front lady who can belt it out with the best. They rocked the room. Cool to see two bass drums played (once in awhile) by the two guitar players. Got your attention for sure. Nathan did a great Led Z cover on acoustic guitar; Ramble On. Randy rounded out the trio on guitar, drum and vocals and funny stories. Talented songwriters and performers. Polished pro act. Good way to end the week.”

— Steve,Steve's Guitar's Newsletter
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